Sustaining Brand Beyond Day Two: A New Approach to Modern Brand Governance

Watch this webinar now as we answer the following three questions:

  1. How has brand governance been disrupted?
  2. Why do 70% of rebrands lose momentum at or around the 18-months post-launch?
  3. What are the “new rules” of brand governance that all brands should follow?

Our panel of speakers:
Kelley Grover – Senior Global Brand Manager at Deloitte
Gabriel Cohen – Chief Marketing Officer at Monigle

About the speakers...

Kelley Grover

Senior Global Brand Manager – Deloitte

As part of her role, Kelley helps Deloitte’s global network of over 240,000 practioners use the brand as creatively and consistently as possible by leading the advancement of platforms such as Brand Space, Deloitte’s centralized repository of brand guidelines, assets and tools. Kelley joined Deloitte from the financial services industry and has an MBA in Marketing from Fordham University in New York.

Gabriel Cohen

Chief Marketing Officer – Monigle

Prior to joining Monigle, Gabriel led the Analytics and Brand Valuation practice for Interbrand in Canada. He has a wealth of practical brand-building experience helping executives across a range of sectors better align and measure their organizations around the customer and employee experience. Gabriel is also a member of the CMO Club, a group of industry peers, and is a regular writer and contributor for Branding Magazine.

"Every brand leader should have a copy of this printed, laminated and placed on their desk at all times. This is the job."

The "this" that Kelley Grover–Senior Global Brand Manager at Deloitte–is referring to, is the new set of rules for brand governance.

Watch the webinar now to get your copy.

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