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BEAM is an online brand portal that combines best-in-class technology with 40+ years of brand expertise to provide the tools, assets, and resources to manage your brand, create branded materials, and engage internal audiences in building the brand.


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The Brand Center was critical to our brand launch and to ongoing governance. It provides our 13,000+ employees across the state a go-to resource for everything related to brand, alleviates the day-to-day for our marketing team and helps unify us around one Northern Light Health. It is also creating an environment where people are actively seeking and using brand tools. Northern Light Health


Foster emotional connections to your brand story, promise, and strategy through education, inspiration, and communication.

Ease of Use

Ready access to assets, guidelines, templates, and dynamic tools enable the creative process and expedite the production of on-brand collateral.


Reduce the time your organization spends updating assets and resources, communicating changes, and responding to asset requests.

"My time is no longer spent repeatedly fielding requests for individual assets when I can simply point them to the brand center and allow them to self-serve from a collection of approved materials…maintaining a consistent brand identity." Rene D’Elia, Plenti Rewards by American Express

BEAM is mission control for health care brands…

….And world class brands in diverse industries outside health care

Our people don’t feel forced to use the brand–they want to. Brand is a source of pride within the firm, and they know they’re tapping a massive amount of equity. Kelley Grover, Senior Global Brand Manager, Deloitte